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About Hypnotic Botox & Skin Hypnosis

Many people associate hypnotherapy with issues like anxiety, weight loss, addictions and phobias. However, beauty hypnosis, which encompasses a form of hypnotherapy known as Hypnotic Botox, is an incredibly effective, increasingly popular form of hypnotherapy that’s beginning to gain attention worldwide. And with good reason. A 2005 review in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings stated that, "A review of the use of hypnosis in dermatology supports its value for many skin conditions not believed to be under conscious control."

The Science of Botox

Image of a woman receiving multiple Botox injections. Skin hypnosis can achieve the same results!In order to understand how Hypnotic Botox works, it’s important to first get an idea of how a medical Botox procedure works. Essentially, Botox procedures involve a number of botulinum toxins (Botox) injections into the target facial muscles. As a result of the injections, the muscles in the face are caused to relax, thus easing and softening unwanted wrinkles. The effects of a Botox injection procedure typically last about four months. After the results of the injection wear off, the client is required to pay for and endure another session to achieve the same results. However it has been well documented that following an injection, the wrinkles in the face become naturally less noticeable. This is because the affected facial muscles “learn to relax” while enduring “forced relaxation” from the Botox. This results in some permanent benefit to what has otherwise been deemed as a temporary solution.

So how does Botox actually force our facial muscles to relax? By design, Botox inhibits the transferring of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, from our nerves to our facial muscles. One of acetylcholine’s jobs in the body is to transfer messages to our muscles signaling them to tighten up and contract. The target muscle cannot react or respond to these signals once the flow of acetylcholine is reduced, resulting in soft and smooth skin where we used to have wrinkles.

How Hypnotic Botox Replicates the Effect of Botox Injections

Image of a young woman with beautiful skin. The same effects beauty hypnosis can have.You might be surprised at how often we tighten and contract the muscles in our faces. When we carry tension in our faces all day, we’re helping to create the very wrinkles and lines that we detest. If you try to relax your face muscles right now you’ll probably notice that your mouth is tight, your brow is slightly furrowed, and your eyes are squinting just a little bit.

It’s well known that hypnosis can relax one’s soul, body and mind. As a beauty hypnosis expert, Rapid Growth Hypnosis’s Ted Frieband is able to direct a client’s attention to specified muscles throughout the body, and through a state of trance, assist the client in relaxing those target muscles both during and after the hypnosis session. This consistent relaxation of the targeted facial muscles leads to the smoothening of wrinkles and unwanted lines throughout the face, thus replicating the results of a medical Botox injection. Clients are able to realize results comparable to or better than those of medical Botox procedures by training target muscles in the face that the state of normalcy is a relaxed state, not a tense state.

About Skin Hypnosis Expert, Ted Frieband

Hello and thank you for visiting Rapid Growth Hypnosis on the web. My name is Ted Frieband and I'm a graduate of the hypnotherapy program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I am also board certified with the American Board of Hypnotherapy. While I proudly offer a wide variety of hypnotic therapies including weight loss, smoking cessation, phobia cures, anxiety reduction and more, my area of mastery lies in beauty and skin hypnosis.

Having studied the methods and techniques of some of the world’s most prominent and effective hypnotherapists, I’ve developed a unique, and highly effective methodology that allows my clients to realize a healthier and happier life through positive physical, physiological and psychological change. My unique skin hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you relax the muscles in your face, or any other target area, mimicking the results of Botox. Using this form of therapy, we can learn to consistently relax the muscles that are responsible for producing unwanted wrinkles - the same way the Botox chemical toxins are used to temporarily “kill” the muscles in order to limit their responsiveness.

I encourage you to take a moment to fill out my free consultation form on the left side of the page. Even if you have a couple of questions or need some clarification on my service offerings, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you and I’d be delighted to assist you in any of your hypnotherapy needs. Call (480) 318-8190 today or click here.

Why Should I Work with Ted Frieband and Rapid Growth Hypnosis Rather Than an Other Hypnotherapist?

Many hypnotherapists are “jacks of all trades,” while Ted Frieband is a specialist in a very specific field within hypnotherapy. While Ted Frieband offers other hypnotherapy services, he specializes in skin hypnosis. If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of beauty and skin hypnosis in Phoenix, Ted Frieband of Rapid Growth Hypnosis is the right choice for you.

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